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Fully Designed and Engineered | Cost Effective Construction
Large or Small Panels to Suit all Builds | Airtight | Waterproof
Minimal Thermal Bridging | Core Strength | Low U-Values

Plymouth 4wall Project Timelapse

Design, manufacture, delivery and on-site installation.

“Clean Sheet” product design is rare at best – but this is exactly how the Istidama 4wall structural panelling system was born. In the early part of the last decade, the Dubai based Istidama Group drew up their “wish list” for a new global building system which could be built anywhere in the world by embracing sustainable performance and durable technologies. Tribus Homes have worked in the offsite high performance timber frame industry for over 30 years – so you may wonder exactly why timber is now taking a back seat. Lee McArdle (Managing Director) was asked this question.

‘Quite simply once we became involved with the 4wall project and reviewed the large amount of tested credentials, the decision to change was thought provoking but decisive. We’ve invested our future in the 4wall system and have no hesitation in urging you to do the same.’

So we are proud to introduce you to 4wall Global Build Fabrik which utilises Istidama’s patented ‘Dynamic Fusion Technology ‘ to manufacture high performance buildings that simply deliver on every front. You can see elsewhere on the website just some of the inbuilt design criteria that the system was designed to address, but for a comprehensive overview come and see us at our Devon manufacturing facility or design office near Bath and we will be delighted to demonstrate some of its many inbuilt strengths that just cannot be appreciated without a ‘hands on’ review.

Whether you are just embarking on the dream of building your own home, or are a long way down the path to making your final decision. Nothing is lost by visiting our showroom and comparing 4wall to what you are considering, after all, it’s the decision of a lifetime!

fireprroof-icon• Extreme fire resistance – both during construction and life phases. 77 minutes Grade A
• Class leading U-Values in Slim Panel format. 0.13u panel alone.

cost-icon• Cost competitive with other Offsite building solutions.
• LABC System Approved. KIWA BDA Agrément

zero-thermo-bridge• No thermal bridging in panels or intermediate floor zones.
• Waterproof – designed to cope with flood conditions.

plug-icon• Easy to attach service void to face of panels, no noggins required.
• Option of small or large panels – depending upon site conditions.

weight-icon• Highly impact resistant – both external and internal faces.
• Superior build  strength – can carry high loadings (including concrete floors).

airtight-icon• Class leading air tightness – without the use of tapes or membranes. 0.3/m3/h.m2
• Designed for extremes in weather & outperforms in all conditions.

rat-icon• Infestation proof – designed to work in termite areas.
• Designed to retain its performance FOR a lifetime.

Fully Designed and Engineered | Cost Effective Construction
Large or Small Panels | Airtight | Waterproof
No Thermal Bridging | Core Strength | Low U-Values

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