Tribus Homes are based in Mid Devon and serve all of the Westcountry and the UK. With a showroom available to view in just outside of Bath you can see for yourself the quality of design and finish as well as the benefits of off site construction.
Tribus manufacture and erect off site housing solutions. Experts in the self build industry. Tribus has helped many customers with their dream projects. Historically a timber frame company, Tribus has specialised in closed cell panels for a number of years. Now with the introduction of the new 4wall system, Tribus can offer a building solution which surpasses anything offered before.  
Your life is unique and your requirements are different to those of your neighbours, so why should your home be the same?
Whether your project is a luxury home or a much needed extension to an exisiting property, our system is an attractive option.

  • Superior build  strength
    can carry high loadings (including concrete floors) without additional columns
  • Cost competitive with other Offsite building solutions
  • Weather and fire resistant during the build
  • Class leading airtightness without the use of tapes, membranes or sealants


“When we first met Lee McArdle on our plot in Plymouth, what impressed us both was his clarity and honesty, coupled with his stated approach that, were we to appoint Tribus, we would start on a journey together as “partners in our build”, working closely to achieve the home we wanted.

It was those qualities, together with the open nature of our pre-contract enquiries and discussions, alongside Andy Coles’ efforts to assemble a build package that fell within our stated budget, that gave us the confidence to be the first to use 4wall.

As good as the product is, however, it was the Tribus people and not the product that led us to appoint Tribus Homes as the main self build contractors for our project.

Their honesty and openness, together with the demonstrable talents of Lee, Andy, Mike Mapston and Paul Long, have been proven time and again throughout our build.

As the first to contract 4wall, there were inevitable teething issues to overcome. As challenging as these were, their impact was greatly lessened by the transparency shown to us by the entire Tribus team. At no stage were we told anything less than the “whole truth”. This refreshing approach meant that the partnership promised by Lee many months previously, was a sound foundation that enabled us all to work our way through to an extremely successful conclusion.

Would we pick Tribus again – without question. They are, quite simply, the best.”

John & Daryl Etherington

Plymouth Tribus 4wall build